Mission: With dignity first, to return individuals and families with children to domestic autonomy.

UT 1Matters team bracelets

The founding inspiration for 1Matters.org was a visit John Mellencamp made to the Toledo Homeless Awareness Project, Tent City on November 2nd, 2007.

John gave Tent City founder Ken Leslie 60 tickets to his concert that evening to give to the unhoused Tent City guest. One gentleman returned from the concert and said, “Ken, John actually talked to us from the stage. I guess I really DO matter.”

Here was a human being who questioned whether or not he mattered? How in God’s wonderful world can anyone not know they matter?

1Matters was born.

This revelation produces the primary principle behind 1Matters: Every 1 really DOES Matter.... will you?

We hope you will join us!

Veterans Matter: We Take Care of Our Own!

Kid Rock, Ice-T and Stevie Nicks are among the growing roster of support for VeteransMatter.org and its mission to find permanent housing for every homeless military veteran. We've housed nearly 300 to-date. Over 57,000 to go. Please join our campaign and help Spread the Word! Visit VeteransMatter.org and donate any amount by texting VETS to 41444. 100% of your contribution goes to fund the program.

John Mellencamp helps us get the word out nationally for our 60,000 Soldiers Housed campaign.

Kix Brooks helps us get the word out there are 60,000 soldiers on the streets who can be housed Today!

GET INVOLVED: Ways to Matter!

There are several ways to get involved.

#1: Stay informed by signing up for email updates, subscribe to our RSS feed, or visit our Facebook page for the latest information.

#2: Show up to a Tent City planning meeting or one of our service projects and chat up any of the 1Matters volun-cheers. Then Join Us!

#3: Donate online or mail a donation to support and help us expand our programs.

#4: Contact us to volunteer for Tent City, volunteer in the office, hold a clothing drive or fund raiser for Tent City, or any other way to join 300 other really cool, really awesome volunteers who just want to Matter to those who matter. Whether time, influence, knowledge, leadership, prayers, or even just a smile, your gifts will help make our efforts even more effective.

Returning people to domestic autonomy with dignity, 1 at a time.

By leveraging compassion through collaboration, individuals and families with children are returning to domestic autonomy with dignity, 1 at a time. It’s how we do things.

We value hard work, because we know it’s the only way any 1 can change their circumstances. We also value 1-on-1 relationships that break down stereotypes and build community. We start stuff. We fund stuff. And we have a lot of fun doing it. Join us – YOU MATTER!