Ways You Can Help Tent City


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Here are Ten Ways to Matter This Fall

Please join us to continue to show the world how our community comes together each year for Tent City!

1.  Donate food or sponsor a meal for the hundreds who come down to break bread at Tent City. Then join us to break bread.

2. Sign up to Volunteeras a guide, part of a setup or tear tear-down crew, a meal server, guest or volunteer registration, or donation tent at Tent City.  This hands-on service can change lives: Your and theirs.

3.  Conduct a targeted clothing drive for men’s and women’s warm winter clothing, jeans, sweat shirts, hygiene items or backpacks.  We ALWAYS have a shortage of larger sizes. Jeans and Coats always run out first. 

4.  Help sponsor the Critical Documents (Birth Certificates and ID’s), perhaps the biggest demand item.  Without them, people cannot get a job, services, even food or shelter.  Last year we were quite limited in capacity.  To meet the need this year, we need to raise about $3,500 to buy the birth certificates and ID’s for our guests.  Contact us if you, your church or group would like to sponsor part of this program.

5.  Create a prayer vigil at  your church or life group leading up to and during Tent City weekend, lives are changed!

6.  Have your company or group become an underwriter or sponsor of Tent City, or our 1Mile Matters walk to support our Veterans Matter program.

7. Walk in the 1Mile Matters Walk on October 24th to help move more of our soldiers into housing!  The walk this year will be lead by several veterans who have been housed by our program who just want to fight for the homes of others, again.  Every dollar you raise moves another veteran, or veteran family into a place called home.

8.  Help get the word out!  Embed the videos on your business, school, or church website, Facebook,  Twitter and more. Or invite a speaker from the 1Matters Speakers Bureau to help your church, volunteers or group understand the plight of the unhoused and the complexity of living on the streets, and what you can expect at Tent City.

9.  Bring your student, church, or life group down to spend the night in order to teach them the harder life lessons only discomfort can teach. 

10.  Sponsor a walker who is Walking the Walk because 1Mile Matters.

Oh, there is an 11th  item.  It is ANY idea you and/or group have to matter this year to those who matter.  If you have questions or need more info, email us at info at 1matters dot com or just give us a call.

We will see you there!


Volunteerism With 1Matters is Fundatory!

Yes, Fundatory, a word coined by one of our college team, Colleen Flanigan, to convey fun is mandatory to help those we serve.  Think about it, how would you want to be served if it was you on the street? Right, a smile and laughter do more to change an attitude than anything we know.

So is that you?  If you care about those who matter and can help us deliver life changing services with a dose of fun, then come on down.

If you would like to volunteer as a leader for this year, email or call us, or just show up at one of our planning meetings. See our Facebook page for dates and times. Be sure to “Like us” when you are there. Thats just the cool thing to do.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. You can sign up for email updates by clicking right about….. here.



For some, it is hard to comprehend why we all do what we do.  Why we feel we NEED to Matter to those who MATTER?

Got this email…..

“I vowed last year at Tent City, this year I would be able to serve the homeless and not be one of them. Through God and A.A., I have achieved that goal. Today I’m clean and sober!! I saw Michele Ross’ video and everything she said is so true. I wonder if you all know what an impact you have on us? Last year was AWESOME. It was the start of my road to recovery and the start of being a productive part of society. The compassion, dignity and kindness I was shown last year will forever leave my soul indebted. The only way to pay it back is to come back October 31 and pray I can touch even one lost human being.

Please let me know what I can do to help. I would love to just “mingle” amongst my former “peeps” and maybe tell them my story. Or just LISTEN. They MATTER.

Looking forward to seeing you all again!




Think about this for 1 second.  How cool is this community that we live in that we can come together, across every socio-economic boundary, to unite to Matter to those who Matter.

If you have yet to experience a 1Matters Tent City, it is a pretty remarkable, almost unexplainable event.  The remarkable outpouring of love and the community of spirit is felt by all who grace the space.  The pictures and videos on this site will give you only an image.  To FEEL it you must live it yourself, and we hope you will.