Day 34 — Next Steps

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First Things First

Interesting how things all come together.

The first goal stated in the COC is “Create new PH beds for Chronically Homeless persons.” Basically, their goal is to simply get “more.” This is like saying with a goal to walk to Perrysburg, the TLC goal is to take more steps toward Perrysburg. This way in ten years they can be at the Toledo boarder to Maumee.

Despite our community plan (Matt White Study) which documents the need for 450 new beds, the TLC set a 10 year goal in our COC of a total of 100 new beds, in ten years!

This angers me greatly because the end result of such would be- what word could you use- gross incompetence?? The end result is: homeless men and women and families will live on the streets. Do families with children on the streets work for you? Me neither.

What they don’t seem to understand is the concept of scope. We can work on 1 project and work to raise $500,000, or we can work on 10 projects targeting $5,000,000. And if we “fail” and only raise $2,500,000 we are still miles ahead and the ones that benefit are the homeless.

Imagine for a moment a community goal like that, a solid target. Then all entities-city, county, state, feds, United Way and most importantly the providers-can target that 1 community result rather than a select FEW knowing what the goal might be.

The Naked Emperor

The TLC chair Louis Escobar STILL DOESN’T GET IT!

The vice-chair, Jane Moore of United Way really has been trying to get movement to resolve many of these issues and even move things forward. Louis’s response is “We’re not ready”, but he will put together a committee to study it.

Two VERY reliable sources on TLC said Louis’s response instead is to try to remove Jane Moore due to “Conflict of Interest”. In order to have a conflict, one has to be in a position to benefit. To the contrary, Jane (hence United Way) PROVIDES the benefit to TLC. That scurrilous hypocritical _____ ! (ehhhh, you know the right expletive to use)

Let me tell you where a REAL “conflict of interest” presents itself on the TLC board. Louis Escobar is also on the governing board of the Aids Resource Center, a group that COULD benefit from TLC. How does he remain Chair since that happened? Boggles the mind.

Just maybe today at the TLC Board meeting, enough courage will be found or even acceptance of what needs to be done, if the TLC needs to survive.

Someone at the last TLC meeting groused that it is sad this “negative publicity” is the first thing people hear about the existence of TLC. Who’s fault is that? It has been around 3 years and they have done nothing to expand the reach to the community buy in. How could they expect community buy in on a “stealth board”?

Want a good example, no, make that GREAT example of Community Buy In? Look at Tent City.


There are two immediate outcomes from the meeting with the homeless on the 5th.

First, one of the barriers for the homeless is consistent access to health care and medications. We are going to put together a committee to look into it and…..

Just kidding! This Saturday morning (8 a.m. Cherry Street Mission headquarters, 17th and Monroe) we are meeting with Richard Langford, head of the Mildred Bayer Clinic for the Homeless and Jimmy McKeller, Manager of Community Support Services for the Mental Health and Recovery Services Board of Lucas County for any immediate or short term solutions to at least some of the access issue. Stay tuned.

The second exciting outcome was a young lady that stepped forward to help lead a mentoring program. We are going to call this 1Mentors. It is not so much going to be about creating a new mentoring program as it will be about finding the existing mentoring programs for the homeless and working to get volunteers to help those programs. We know the primary needs are reading, writing, and computer literacy which for some just means help completing online applications to get a job. Details soon.

Final Thought

The non-profit world is that for a reason. The sheer thought of not worrying about profit leads to not worrying about productivity.

One Response to “Day 34 — Next Steps”

  1. Rob says :

    It is so encouraging to hear about the PROGRESS the meeting w/ the homeless is already making.

    It is great to hear others getting involved to help those in need get to the services they need.

    I am glad to hear Cherry St. and United Way are listening.

    So many good and positive things happening!!!!

    just out of curiosity – have any of the TLC members participated in any of all these activities downtown with the homeless to hear from their mouthes what needs to be done? I mean, how many people are there on Saturday mornings? 200? how about the meetings w/ the homeless? yeesh…I’m sure some of them have been around and do not mean to imply they have not been.

    My ears are tired of listening to talk from various people – my eyes are ready to see things get done, and, thanks to 1Matters and all of the volunteers and homeless – things are getting done.

    Celebrate! Thank God the wheels are-a-movin!!! It will be extremely cold this weekend (single digits!!!) so say a prayer no one is stuck outside over night.