1Mentors & What’s Up Doc?

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The 1Mentors program is taking great shape already.  You know that when things very easily fall together that it is something that is meant to be.  Such is the 1Mentors program!

Here is where we are at:  

We are starting with a core group of shelters and we will have regular times for the meetings, like every other Monday 7-9 to assure a group setting.   The methodology is we will have a “site captain”  who  will take lead for that shelter and will be responsible for organizing the mentors for that site, as well as maintaining assessments of the guests needs in conjunction with the case managers in order to assure we provide the right mentors or tutors.

The construct is our 1Matters, 1 at a time philosophy,  “Be 1 that Matters to 1 that Matters,” coupled with the “swarm multiplication” methodology pioneered by Food for Thought. 

The “swarm multiplication” methodology works like this:  If a Mentor needs to help someone get an interview somewhere, or say needs size 13XXX boots, word first goes to the other site Mentors.  If the need is not met, we will have set up a private online forum which will provide access to all of the Mentors in the program.  If the need still cannot be met, since most of the Mentors will represent a multitude of churches, they can then go to their churches.  If the need can’t be met there, when appropriate the need can then be posted on the “public” side of the forum, which will also have any needs of the shelters in the program, such as cash, food etc., or the Christmas Basket needs etc.        

We are starting with Cherry Street Mission men’s and women’s shelters, Toledo Gospel Rescue Mission men’s and women’s shelters , Furtherance Foundation men’s and women’s shelters and Harbor House women’s shelter. We are talking to two other shelters as well. 

Amanda Lyons has already started getting this program up and running with site visits scheduled for this week and next, as well as working on the program construct.  We already have over 30 Mentors lined up awaiting deployment. If you want to Mentor, email Amanda at 1Matters dot org.

What’s Up Doc?    

At Tent City this year hundreds of guests needed health care of some sort, which we figured out was an access issue.  When we met with the homeless we got more definition of the access issues.  One was the availability of appointments and the other was regular access to docs.  

As for the appointments, that is being worked on now and looks very feasible. We will know something by the first of next week.

As for the access issue, building off of Ruth at St. Paul’s execution we figured out it might be much easier to recruit doctors individually (1Matters) and attach them to a participating shelter.  We will ask the doctor to commit to being available to the director by phone especially at nights and weekends (thank you for calling tech support, lol), as well as either visit the shelter, send someone or make referrals as needed. 

This might or might not work, but it makes sense.  We think there are several doctors, including retired doctors that would be interested.  Richard Langford, director of the Mildred Bayer Clinic said this can be driven through and a part of Mildred Bayer.  We are sure the needs for the docs will run the range from occasionally to frequently.  We are trying to do that assessment now and will pair the right doc for each.   

Another Reason Why!

One of my chief complaints is about the HMIS.  I have stated before that I believe there has been gross mismanagment of the program.  I am even more convinced after my call with Tom Clapsaddle with the Toledo Gospel Rescue Mission.  I asked Tom if TGRM participates in the HMIS and he said no. I asked why, and he said no one has ever called him to get him into it. I asked if the systems manager Carlin Abbott ever called him or contacted him, Tom said no.

Tom said the only time he even saw Carlin was at a COC meeting and Carlin said he would call Tom to explain the program.  Carlin never called. This is BULL!

I am taking my fight to get the HMIS info up another notch. I requested information December 17th from the city who is the agent for the program.  I hand delivered a request to the Mayor on 12/27 and was told 12/28 that the city had requested the info from Kyle Grefe, who is currently responsible for the program. 

An AVP of Technology with a local fortune 500 company has even volunteered to take an objective look at the system which the TLC board turned down. 

ps. I emailed Carlin this morning to contact Tom.

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  1. Amanda Lyons says :

    Toledo offers a variety of outstanding resources to the homeless population. However, services being provided are only beneficial to those that are able to gain access. Every person, at some point, requires the guidance of another to learn skills to become increasingly successful. That is what is all about. 1mentors strives to mentor, guide and teach one of the most severly disenfranchised segements of the community’s population. It is about filling the gaps between access and services, discovering areas of necessary adjustment and creating solutions; in order to allow motivated people to maintain a continuum of success. It is about recognizing the entitlement of being human, to teach willing people how to navigate and utilize social infrastructure.