I Get By, With a Little Help From My Friends….

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Next Steps….

It has been crazy busy.  1Mentors is close to activation.  Mandy is doing site visits and needs assessments of the individual shelters.  The “job descriptions” are nearly done as well.

On the medical side, I met with Richard Langford with Mildred Bayer today to work out the details.  We are creating a new model for their Black Bag Project.  He has had conversations with our medical team and with UT this week.  The only detail to be worked out is the cost of the prescriptions/medications.

Richard also told me he has a meeting set with the mental health agencies to address that side as well.  He also said he has the monthly calendar completed and plans to distribute it at the TAAEH meeting, via mail, and via email so the organizations can post it for the people. 

He will also be explaining to TAAEH members the new program of appointments for people with a referral from their agency.  Good stuff!


We had a meeting this week on the 1Works program.  A building has been secured by Cherry Street that will act as the school/headquarters. 

Dan Rogers is going to DC this weekend to work on the funding side.

Thanks to Mike Badik from the city we will have an accelerated development of the program.   He provided us with the policy/program manual from a program from the late 80’s called Union Inc., containing all of the development and costing models.  Some of the code stuff needs to be updated, but other than that, pretty smooth.    

Take It Up a Notch

Since December 17th, wait, make that since the November 26th executive committee meeting I have been asking for information on the HMIS system.  My sole motivation was to improve it.  In order to do that, one first needs to see where we are before one can move forward.

I thought it important that if we are paying for a system it might as well be used fully.  And I thought we could do some customer service, find out the reason why an agency was not a part of HMIS, and solve that problem so they can.  Logical business methodology.

Instead the reaction was  “It’s none of your business.”  

Bullpucky!  It is indeed my business, and your business how our tax dollars get spent.   After I talked to one of the prominent non-participating shelters about why they weren’t in HMIS, I snapped. Tom Clapsaddle with Toledo Gospel Rescue Mission said his reason was because he was never asked. He was never contacted by Carlin Abbott the systems manager…in 5 years.

For those that know Tom, and even those that don’t, Tom is not the type to make up a story.  He is a straight shooter.  So if he says he was not contacted, I believe him. 

As no one had listened to my requests, it was time to bring in reinforcements.  Through a friend of mine I was put in contact with one of the best Constitutional Law attorney’s in the nation, Fritz Byers.   He took a shine to our little effort here and said he would be glad to help us get the information we needed to make changes. 

Yesterday letters were delivered to the City and to Kyle Grefe at FOCUS.  The city responded immediately saying all documentation, including the contract is between HUD and FOCUS. 

We have not heard back yet from FOCUS. 

I want to take a moment to thank Mr. Byers for being 1 that Matters to those that Matter.

Stay Tuned.

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  1. Don says :

    Wow! Great news…mentoring, medical, building, and ‘legal’…

    Glad to see all is well – and moving! Keep it up Ken, Mandy, Dan, Richard, Tom, and last but not least Fritz!

    Can’t wait to get back to full swing to jump in with you all again…