Couple Quick Things

by / Wednesday, 27 February 2008 / Published in Uncategorized

Community System 

Sorry for the lack of posting lately.  The bad thing about coming up with new ideas is they then need to be built and structured.   This week has been about defining the 1Works program and the Refer7 concept. 

After talking to Bill Kitson about tech stuff, all three UW databases are ASP’s, hosted in other cities.  As the systems are owned by different companies, it will probably be impossible to “blend” them all together in real time, including Mental Health.   

BUT, Jane Moore thinks data fields can be added to reflect some “uniform” qualifiers for each system aspect. Meaning the prison release users might have unique fields, mental health users other unique fields etc.  This could allow them to “work together” on a data update basis.  We will have a database Guru at the meeting Saturday am for advice.

As a reminder, the next 1Matters Saturday Morning meeting is this Saturday, the 1st, at 8.10 am. (yep, 8.10 am, not a typo).   It is held this week at the United Way Building, 1 Stranahan Square.

Carty’s Letter…

Got a letter from Carty last week containing an article that appeared in the Detroit Free Press about poverty today.  One of the major conclusions is despite all of the programs created for the poor, private sector jobs remains the best answer out of poverty.

A focus on creating jobs in high poverty areas (like1Works) as well as gentrification of neighborhoods, (like 1Works) are two primary staples implemented in the Step Up Savannah program in GA.

SUS encompasses the entire community on the plan, targeting certain high poverty neighborhoods.  What I like about SUS is the homeless prevention aspects.  Maybe someday, here in Toledo, civic leadership will take this charge. 

Tent City 2008  — Planning Meeting March 26th

Tent City is set for October 31 – November 2nd of this year.  Planning will be starting next month to make this the biggest and best year ever.  Our first organizational meeting will be Wednesday, March 26th, 7 pm at the Red Cross HQ building, Central east of Secor.  Spread the word!