September was a busy month for all of us at 1Matters.  We’ve been preparing and planning for Tent City 2018, beginning with the Veterans Matter Walk to End Veteran Homelessness.  This year, we have a tremendous group of Tent City Planning Committee members, who are all in it to support our mission. For those folks

For our site visitors who aren’t yet following us on social media, here are some highlights from the past month on Facebook. We… …Congratulated Robert Liszi, the winner of the George Thorogood and the Destroyers meet and greet benefit for Veterans Matter. …Shared a great volunteer opportunities for a pit count with our friends at

We are the Veterans’ Guardian Angels Think about it. WE are simply hovering over the homeless veterans in America and whenever there is a homeless veteran in need, we drop in to eliminate any barriers that might hinder their success, and most of them do not even know it was WE who helped them, they