The Toledo Lucas County Homelessness Board will be coordinating a Point in Time Count (PIT Count) January 26th and 27th, 2022. The PIT count is an effort to quantify the unhoused population in our community. HUD requires a count to be performed in late January at least every two years. Lucas County has historically performed the count annually.

To achieve this, shelters, transitional housing providers and other relevant, submit data for their operations to TLCHB. When all data has been collected, consolidated, and validated it is submitted to HUD.

In addition to this data, TLCHB makes an effort to reach out to people not associated with any organization; people living on the streets, abandoned buildings, in cars or other places not meant for human habitation.

It is for this role we hope to recruit volunteers. There are volunteer opportunities for both day and night counts. Night count hours are from 10pm on January 26th to 3am January 27th. The night count involves spreading out across the city in teams, in an effort to locate individuals and perform a short survey.

Volunteer opportunities the following day will be either at Mildred Bayer Clinic site or at a satellite location to perform the surveys. Day count hours are from 8am-3pm on January 27th.

Please use this link to register for the Toledo Lucas County 2022 Point in Time Count. Volunteers will need to temporarily load the survey app on their phones to complete the questionnaire. Instructions for this are below.

If there are any questions, or any difficulties installing the software, please contact us.

Thank you,
Michael Clark
Housing Navigator
419-244-9440 Ext 111

To Register to become a volunteer for the 2022 Toledo PIT Count 2022 you will need to download
the Counting Us app in either the App Store or Google Play. An instructional video is available at on getting your account set up correctly.

1. After downloading the Counting Us app you will need to register for an account
2. Open the app and click on the button that says register
3. You will then fill in your information (First Name, Last Name, email, cell phone number, create a password and confirm your password)
a. If you have previously used the app for former PIT Counts you can log in
b. If you do not remember your password there is a password reset link
4. To confirm click Submit registration
5. Log In using User Name and Password
6. On the first screen you will click on Choose Count
7. Click Join New Count
8. You will need to enter Toledo22 for the set up key when requested
9. Click Get Started
10. You will select the region/zip code area you would like to be assigned
a. Please note that we will do our very best to leave you in your census tract choice, though we may need to adjust based on needs of the PIT Count