Sponsorship Opportunities

What does it mean to leverage your compassion?

With dignity first, by bringing communities together with a singular focus on those we serve, you can leverage the assets of a community in a ratio far greater than the individual assets themselves.

In other words, we can take the donations of people, businesses and organizations and deliver far more value to the people we serve through collaboration with the community and get a higher “return on investment” for those donations. This is proven annually at Tent City when each $1 spent returns over $20 in value to the guests.

This of course doesn’t happen without those initial “1s” – those multiple $1 seeds through donations and sponsorship.

Because Tent City has a strong reputation of compassion in the community, the sponsorship packages we have available deliver even more value to the sponsors.

Opportunities include:

Sponsor a snack: $100-200
Sponsor a meal: $250
Sponsor the Veterans Services Tent: $500
Become a Tent City Partner: $1,000
Become a Tent City Chair: $1,500

Your help will be recognized on the Tent City thank you signs.

In addition to Tent City, sponsorship opportunities are available for our upcoming Walk to End Veteran Homelessness. Click here for a breakdown of what these sponsorships include.