Hey, everyone. Hope you are all filling your days with love and compassion!

We are all experiencing some challenging times right now. It can feel like divisiveness and division are seeping into all aspects of our lives. Yet, it is in these moments – where the darkness seems so heavy – that we have an opportunity to reignite the light of compassion, love, and helpfulness. And while it may seem difficult at times to do so, as with most things, we encourage you to start small.

We firmly believe that it is our job to shine this light for our neighbors whom may be struggling to find it within themselves.

Tent City allows us this opportunity.

It is a space to lay down differences and opinions and come together as one community. Everyone with a desire to share their light and love is invited to help illuminate the path for others experiencing hardship and darkness.

This is the purpose of 1Matters and Tent City.

Tent City is a space to share your light, compassion, and talents. A space where we can learn from others and validate experiences from new people. Tent City is right around the corner and we invite you to come spread your empathy, love, and light. Even if your light feels dim, we invite you. Tent City is a place for kindness and acceptance of all: guests, volunteers, and passerbys.

At the end of the day, we all matter.

We are prepared to lift the darkness and celebrate the beauty of togetherness. We can’t wait to see you on the corner of Love and Compassion at this year’s Tent City 2021.

Click Here to Register as Volunteer at Tent City 2021