Meet us on the corner of Love & Compassion.


For joining us at the corner of Love and Compassion.  You helped us all find ourselves there. We don’t have the final numbers yet, but you also helped about 1,200 people get served 2,800 meals, 172 haircuts, 350 medical services, 200 ID’s and Birth Certificates. Plus about 287,000 smiles and 93,567 hugs were served. We hope you got some of them.  Save the date, October 23 – 25, 2020.

TENT CITY 2020  |  OCTOBER 23 – 25

MISSION: To use Community Collaboration Leverage to deliver the entire community’s compassion to those on the streets and in the shelters.
Started in 1990, our annual Tent City brings the entire community together to provide solutions, 1 at a time. This has evolved into a weekend-long festival of compassion where volunteers provide medical, dental, food, clothing, employment, the return to housing, critical documents, haircuts, and other services to those in need. Whether volunteer or guest, each person truly connects with another, with new opportunities and perspectives, to create mutual accomplishment. That’s a 1Matter’s Tent City. You will find yourself here.
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They are just like you and me; it’s just that they do not have a home.”


You will find yourself here.


To most people the “homeless” are nothing more than vague faces of poverty reflected in the mirror of a society afraid to even look, much less help.

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