What We Do!

Veterans Matter- 

MISSION: House as many homeless veterans nationally as we can, as fast as we can.

Veterans Matter seamlessly integrates local communities, foundations, corporations and veterans groups with the VA & HUD. We channel our support exclusively, directly and immediately to move local chronically unhoused veterans off the streets and into permanent, supported housing. Once housed, services are lined up to the help veterans and their families recapture their lives and return to domestic autonomy.  Veterans Matter has housed hundreds of veterans in six states and has attracted the support of over a dozen artists including Katy Perry, John Mellencamp, Dusty Hill, Kid Rock and Ice-T.

Follow this link to watch PSA’s from our celebrity supporters. 

Tent City- 

MISSION: To leverage the entire community’s compassion and deliver it to those on the streets and in the shelters.

Started in 1990, our annual Tent City brings the entire community together to provide solutions, 1 at a time. We provide medical, dental, food, clothing, the return to housing, and other services to those in need, 1 at a time. Each person truly connects with another, with new opportunities and perspectives, to create mutual accomplishment. That’s a 1Matters Tent City.

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Project Connect-

MISSION:  To expand our proven Tent City formula of leveraging compassion to those who have lost domestic autonomy in harder to reach rural areas.

A grant from the Toledo Community Foundation – Promedica Advocacy Fund allowed us replicate the program in Hancock, Defiance, and Lenawee counties. Each person truly connected with others, with new opportunities and perspectives, with a feeling of accomplishment.

Start Up Funding- 

In addition to the programs above, 1Matters has provided start-up funding for several programs with strong leaders and the heart to change lives including street papers in Toledo (Toledo Streets), Ann Arbor (Groundcover News) and Detroit (Thrive Detroit), Help Portrait Toledo, the Toledo Lucas County Homelessness Board and others.